Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twelve Treasures

Here's twelve things (people and fuzzy animals were saved first) that I would rescue in the event of a fire. What are yours?

1. My rubber stamp that I use to mark things "DONE" in giant red letters.
2. My childhood diaries.
3. The Bible my parents gave me for my thirteenth birthday.
4. The letters my husband and I wrote to each other during our courtship.
5. My laptop (It frightens me to think of how many vital documents I have not backed up.)
6. Heirloom jewelry.
7. The yellow party dress I've only worn twice.
8. My passport.
9. My backpacking pack.
10. My swing shoes.
11. My wedding dress and veil.
12. My toothbrush.

Now, that I think about it, though, I would probably do better to bring burn ointment and bandages.

1 comment:

Helen Martin said...

in that order? really?