Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poems for Jesus #5

I fear this cannot be the path you chose -
That downward curves, in darkness, and apart
From all my friends, and sets me among foes.
I turn and say, “Some respite, You’ll impart?
There’s some escape you’ll show me from this place?”
But now my smarting heart receives no cheer;
Gone silent is Your voice, like flint Your face!
My fainting hope quails at your eyes severe.
And downward winding, twisting, while winds blow,
You lead me on and never turn around.
My sorrow grows that you would lead me low –
Until I see your tears have wet the ground!
“Did you not ask,” you finally say to me,
“That I would in my crucible refine you?
And from your mesh of fears to be set free?
The things you asked, I’m faithful now to do.”
And now I see this path has been well trod
By none you have betrayed, but by Your own
By saints and prophets – all well loved of God -
All on their way to praise You at Your throne.
You lead me low, that you might lead me higher.
For gold that lasts, these tears shall be the fire.

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