Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Palm Sunday Prayer

My God,

Whose nearness is to me a song of great contentment,
A song like a river sings when it is broad and untroubled.
Put to rest me in me the fretting
That shall bleed away, drop by anxious drop,
The sureness of your lordship
And the lifeblood of my trust.
Surely none can snatch me away
From the strong grasp of your hand.
But since my fingers will itch and my eyes twitch
To peer over the prow and take from you the rudder
Wrap my heart around you finger like a ring of betrothal
Warm with your warmth, pure gold in your christening fire
That no dawn shall I see but I seek your face
Like a flower tracks the sun
And no setting shall I see
But I remember the death of glory
That made all things live.

Six days to Alleluia.

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