Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Interactive Blog #2

And I . . . have no inspiration today. So! Same game, same rules. First person to post a comment gets to choose the title of the next blog, and I'll post within three days. In the interest of fairness, I don't think I can let you win two times in a row, dleventhal. ;)


Julie and Roland, you both win! (I love being the person who makes up the rules.) Keep your eyes peeled this weekend.


Anonymous said...

rules, rules & more rules.....

You gotta love RSS feeds

Looking forward to your next post!

- David

A Rose said...

you're a good sport

Roland said...

It should be, "finding your place in the world", or "just finding your place" if that is too specific. Or it could be called, "what in the world am I going to do?" which is more open ended, you let me know.

It's too much power for me to have without some of your input.


Julie H said...


My name is Julie, and I live in Nashville, TN. I have been reading your blog since it was recommended to me by Helen in Minnesota. I met her when we both sang at a friend's wedding in MN shortly after she had met you at an IJM fundraiser.

I have been SO enjoying your delightful entries. Your writing is charming and comforting, inspiring and imaginative. I am a stay-at-home mother to a 2 year old, so while I have been able to read, I haven't had much opportunity to comment. I am very excited to do so today and suggest a blog topic.

I tried to think of something that would involve romance, dreams and other worlds, but what kept jumping out at me was the title "Love's Labours Lost". Since that's already a play, and it seems a little wistfully sad (the title, not the play), how about Love's Labors Won. (No extra 'u' since we're so efficient with our words in the New World.)

Thanks for all of your writing; it is such a gift to us readers. I am always excited to see notification of a new entry on my RSS reader. It is a harbinger of the beauty, peace and hope that comes to me when I hear what you have to say. Speaking of hope, I do hope you will write more than just the blog and your assignments someday; surely I will delight to read those future books!


Julie H said...

So sorry I missed that third comment....sigh. I must have had an earlier version open when I commented. Better luck next time, huh!
Julie H