Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pater Noster

father-friend, past galaxies and closer than a cold-fogged breath in December

let us whisper your name with reverent delight

as we slip off our shoes, like men do on the sacred ground where heroes lie entombed

like a child

that gives up mud-pies to nestle in its mother's lap

let your words be law

and your wishes be reality

in me, in my neighbor, in my enemy, even as it is in your throne room.

Extend to us today's sufficiency - that's all. Scour our sin spots with mercy, even as we erase the childish tallies we have kept.

Steer us clear of broad and shining paths where we might wander, glory-blinded and pride-bound, away from you, and steal us out of the towers where the enemy cows us, prisoners in castles of shame and loathing.

We ask because you can. We ask because you loved us. We ask because you asked before us. Sovereign, Strong, Glorious, and Ours - Let it be so according to your promise, your word that stands unbroken longer than the world.